Siemens Polystar Angio Lab

  • Polydoros SX80 generator
  • Fluorospot H, Videomed SX, Digimatic P2, VIdeomatic P2, Polymatic imaging system
  • Sirecon 40-4 HD (16-11-8-5.5" Optilux Image Intensifier)
  • Dual 44cm 1023 line monitors with ceiling hanger
  • Megalix 125/40/82 120LW x-ray tube with cooling
  • DSA - Digital Angiography with Subtraction, Masking, Automatic Stepping, Road-Mapping
  • DFR - Digital Radiography (1024x1024 acquisition) with 1350 image storage capacity
  • Polystar C-Arm with vertically adjustable, 90/90 table

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