RadX MS604A Mammography Film Viewer

MS604A Mammography Film Viewer, completely refurbishedThe most sought after mammography film viewer.
The RadX MS604A provides an independent belt system that allows one belt to move while the other remains stationary. Thus, the radiologist can scroll through an unlimited number of the patient's earlier films while the current radiograph remains constantly in view. Each belts holds 240 24cm x 30cm films for a total capacity of 480 films viewed 4 over 4. The Auto-Select system provides immediate access to any of the 60 frames on either belt. With automatic shuttering for 18cm x 24cm fims and full horizontal manual shutters, the Radx MS604A mammoscope will improve the efficiency of any radiology department.

Film capacity: 480 24 X 30cm films, displayed 4-over-4

Dual Belt System - Allows the direct comparison of multiple previous studies (on the top belt) with the current study (on the lower belt). This flexibility afforded only on dual belt systems make this viewer ideal for rigorous mammographic interpretation.

16 Daylight (6300K) bulbs with high frequency electronic ballasts

Variable intensity illumination

Luminance: Exceeds ACR requirements with 5000 nits (candelas/m2) maximum

Automatic shuttering system on both tiers to cone down for 4 18 X 24cm films at the touch of a button, in addition to new manual horizontal shutters

Auto-Select system for immediate film access by entering a frame number. Independent or synchronized belt access.

Quiet operation (sound level less than 70dba nominal at highest belt speed)

Dimensions: 52"W x 621/2"H x 38 1/4" D (20.47 x 24.61 x 14.96cm)

Weight: 660 lbs (297kg)

UL listed for devices operating at 117v, 60hz



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