GE Legacy R/F Systems

GE Legacy Digital R/F Systems are available now The most sought after Digital R/F system.
The GE Legacy is a simple yet reliable fluoroscopic system with overhead tube, tilting table, spotfilm device, DRS Digital System, and bucky wallstand. This system includes phototiming, auto-collimation, and programmable APR's. Techniques and image receptors are selectable at the SFD. Installation and warranty available.

Advantx high-frequency generator with programmable APR's, touch screen LCD console, and self-calibrating reliability.

Digital Spot Film Device with 12" or 16" quad-mode image intensifier.  DRS digital acquisition with optional DICOM.  Technique and receptor selection  is at the Radiologists finger tips.

Tilting table with 4-way motorized tabletop. Includes variable SID, auto-collimation, photo-timing, oscillating grid, and front panel controls.

Overhead tube crane with automatic SID detenting, auto-collimator, and variable vertical SID.

Bucky wall stand includes photo-timing and cassette sizing for auto-collimation.

Installation available
Includes :
* Room layout drawings with structural and electrical specifications.
* Mechanical alignments to GE specifications.
* Software setup and electronic calibrations to meet 21 CFR requirements.

Extended warranties are available.


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