ABBI Stereoguide Breast Biopsy System

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Manufactured by LORAD

The USSC ABBI Stereoguide is identical in design and performance to the Lorad Stereoguide.   The prone table provides comfortable patient positioning.   The x,y,z stage produces accurate precise needle positioning.

Digital Spot Mammography Benefits

The LORAD designed DSM delivers real-time digital spot-image acquisition for dramatically reduced procedure time.   The DSM offers unique image processing options, including window and leveling features, for variable contrast and optical density, and optimal histogram exposure control.   The system provides efficient menu-driven processing from the active image for:
* Window/Level
* Magnification
* Invert
* Filter
* Zoom-in

Dual Mode Acquisition

The LORAD DSM addresses different clinical needs through the dual mode acquisition feature:
512 Mode is used for high contrast resolution for differentiation of soft tissue masses at reduced dose.
1024 Mode is used for high spatial resolution for enhanced imaging of subtle calcifications.


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